Resort town, rustic and very quiet, Saquarema, which is in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, mountains and lakes, with a mild climate.



 Saquarema is considered the "Maracanã" do Surf, where there is national and international championships. The waves in the region reaching more than 3 meters in height, and the best beaches for the pratice are Itaúna Beach and Vila Beach. Saquarema reserve  60 km to the tourist with clean water in 12 different alternatives beaches.

   Our city has many landmarks, such as Church of Our Lady of Nazareth, Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, Viewpoint of the Hill of the cross, Jaconé Lagoon, Saquarema Lagoon,  Red Lagoon, Jacarepiá Lagoon, Sierra of  Mato Grosso, among any others.  Meet Saquarema and be enchanted by this brazilian paradise! Make your bags and have a nice trip!


169-A Oceânica Avenue. Itaúna. Saquarema - RJ
(On top of the Itaúna Market)  Phone: 55 (22) 2651-1746

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